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MEDIRAY provides an integrated point dose measuring system, which consists of the nanoDot® dosemeters and the microSTARii® mobile reader.

OSL nanoDot® dosemeters, provide flexibility, speed and accuracy on dose verification procedures in therapy and diagnosis.

Features and benefits of nanoDot® Dosemeters:

Quick set up on patients or for any other experiment.

They are stable to read after 10 minutes following irradiation.

Independent of environmental conditions, water or moisture

They can be read multiple times (non-destructive readout)

They areradiolucent, so they aresuitable for every diagnostic or therapeutic application. There is a 2D barcode printed on them, containing dosimeter’s sensitivity and serialnumber for complete chain of custody

mediray lab
mediray lab
mediray lab
Alderson Phantom

MEDIRAY’s Laboratory is equipped with a customized anthropomorphic phantom, with specific nanoDot® holder pins inside.


The phantom consists of holes filled with blank pins. Each blank pin can be replaced by bone, lung or soft tissue equivalent nanoDot® holder pins.


Technical Specifications of Alderson Phantom:


Dimensions: it represents a male of 175 cm height and 73,5 kg.

Slice Thickness: It is transected horizontally into2cm thick slices.

nanoDot® Holes form a 3×3cm2grid in every slice.

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